By RFA Staff Writer

July 21, 2021

During these dog days of summer, and especially after a year indoors, people everywhere are treating this summer like it is the first one ever… planning road trips, beach days, and camping adventures to make up for time lost during the pandemic. These activities also mean bringing in the dirt and messiness that come from all that activity and fun in the sun.

Summertime activities are fun, of course, but clean up doesn’t have to be a major drag.  Wipes can help you stay prepared in every summer situation. From baby wipes to sanitizing wipes – even sunscreen wipes – there is a wipe for every mess and situation that comes your way:

We all know it’s important to wear sunscreen or bug spray when outdoors, but these can leave hands sticky and greasy, which isn’t a great combo when mixed with dirt or sand. Luckily, this is no match for hand cleaning wipes!

Keeping sanitizing wipes in the trunk or glovebox is perfect for cleaning up toys and outdoor equipment before packing up car after a day of adventure.

Camping, hiking, surfing – getting active also means getting sweaty. Save time with body cleansing wipes so you can get back to getting active in the summer sun and freshen up after.

Got a furry friend who loves to track dirt back into the house? There are even pet wipes for Mr. Snuggles and Miss Katy Purry!

You’ll never regret having wipes on hand for quick clean up, however, it’s important you know how to dispose of them when you are done. Always check the packaging for the “Do Not Flush” symbol – this symbol tells you how to properly dispose of the wipe. If you spot this symbol, make sure to toss your wipes into a trash bin — not in toilet. Not only can this cause a clog in your home plumbing that’ll put a huge damper on your summer fun, it contributes to huge and expensive sewage clogs called fatbergs, that are horrible for the environment and expensive to remove.

Remember to only flush items that are meant to be flushed so that you can keep the outdoors in great shape for future summers to come.

For more information about responsible bathroom behavior and our #FlushSmart campaign, please visit https://flushsmart.org/.