With a new year comes new resolutions! Whether you’re thinking about eating healthier, getting in shape, reading more books, or spending more time with loved ones, RFA wants you to keep flushing smart at the top of your 2023 goals.

Unlike some other resolutions, responsible flushing is a quick, simple, and easy habit to learn. At RFA, we have three goals within our New Year’s resolution to #FlushSmart in 2023. We’re sharing them with you in the hopes you’ll join us!

  1. Prevent Fatbergs: Especially following the holiday season, fatbergs tend to collect in our pipes when we don’t dispose of substances like oils properly. These fats, oils, and greases (FOGs) end up in the same pipes as other non-flushable substances like feminine hygiene products. If left unchecked, these fatbergs can grow and eventually destroy pipes and homes. This year, remember to properly dispose of kitchen grease and bathroom products to avoid fatbergs of all kinds. You can learn more about how to handle FOGs and fatbergs here and here.
  2. Check For the Do Not Flush Symbol: Lucky for us, non-flushable wipes already feature the Do Not Flush symbol on their packaging. If you see the symbol on wipes packaging, do not flush the wipes down the toilet! However, there are flushable alternatives that you can safely use and flush. You can learn more about flushability and how wipes that serve certain purposes are automatically non-flushable with the help of our Wipes 101 guide, found here.
  3. Avoid the Clog Monster: By adjusting our daily disposal habits and checking wipes packaging for the Do Not Flush Symbol, we can all avoid the terrible Clog Monster in our pipes. The Clog Monster thrives on non-flushable substances that are flushed down the toilet and, over time, he’ll grow big enough that residents will need to spend time, money, and energy in fighting him. But there is hope for us all by starting the new year off with smart flushing habits.

As always, your friends at RFA are here to help you on your smart flushing journey and new year’s resolution. You know where to find us!

About Responsible Flushing Alliance

The Responsible Flushing Alliance (RFA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization dedicated to consumer education focused on what not to flush. RFA’s goal is to change consumer behavior to help reduce damage to our nation’s sewage systems caused by objects and materials not designed to be flushed.